Criticism of Radical Constructivism?

Roman Mikuláš

Taking the example of a criticism of radical constructivism from the view point of historico-critical hermeneutics I try to point at some significant features of radical constructivism, at the criticism's overloadedness by numerous mistaken and ungrounded statements, and thus also at the possibility of destroying the image of radical constructivism in literary science. The author of the critical paper deliberates about the premises of radical constructivism and its realizations in literary science while articulating a whole range of prejudices which depict the discourse of radical constructivism in negative terms. This only accentuates some of the constructivist central premises.

I understand and describe the misinterpretation and the intentional relativization of the statements and of the arguments of the representatives of radical constructivism as a manifestation of a radically repressive attitude of the stream of thought radical constructivism has been expounding the problems of from its beginnings.

Keywords: Radical Constructivism. Historical and Critical Hermeneutics. Biologism. Literary Sociology. Conception of Empirical Literary Scholarship. Ralph Gehrke. Siegfried J. Schmidt.